Gyms, fitness, swimming pools and 25 sports disciplines in over 4000 facilities all over Poland


goFIT package

Baseny Fitness - ponad 25
dyscyplin sportowych
Fitness - over 25
sports disciplines
The goFIT package gives you an opportunity
to choose the sports discipline
that you like the most.

goFIT package Exercise, play or train

The goFIT package is a services tailored to various needs of our users.
25 disciplines in over 4000 facilities all over the country form an exceptional offer,
which ensures training and work-out even for the most demanding customers.

Over 4000+ sports and recreation facilities around Poland.

goFIT is more than just gym; the package also includes fitness, swimming pools and access to 25 sports disciplines such as tennis, yoga or martial arts

Martial arts
Swimming pool

The energy of possibilities

How does it work?

Have you ever lost your membership card or forgotten to take it with you to your training? With OK System packages will never have this problem again.

Thanks to SMS verification system we have been able to completely resign form plastic membership cards. It takes only one SMS to activate the service and use the offer of any of our partners around Poland.



Price list

You may enrol from the 1 to the 15 day of each month.
You may resign in


day of month of your subscription at the earliest, between 1 a 15 day of the month.
After the lapse of your subscription period, your packages shall be automatically renewed for a next month.
Your subscription is paid periodically (the payment for a package shall be made each month from a card you provided).
Check what conditions must be fulfilled so that your payment is successful.
* depending on the duration of a package you have chosen

Fill in the form and pay

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